Сrowdfeeding: The system of mass micropayments for business.
Financial services for the gig economy.
We facilitate payment services to hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe.
We solve the "last mile" problem for micropayments, providing your business with a seamless entry into cross-border payments and international expansion.
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Benefits for you and your customers
We are ready to provide you and your customers support on any issues related to our service.
We have unique product offerings for each company we work with, as no two companies have the same requirements.
Our experienced professionals will help grow your business through the introduction of new workplace technology.
How it works
If you are a company that has many clients that need to make regular small payments, then you are forced to build infrastructure in order to facilitate this. This includes the opening of representative offices in various countries, negotiating with local payment systems, and looking for ways to reduce tariffs. Because of this, entering new regions can become a major obstacle to your business.

We completely remove this barrier. You give us an order and transfer funds necessary for distribution between your counterparties. We carry out the legal conversion of funds into cryptocurrency assets and distribute funds with minimal commissions between all recipients.

We take care of the conversion and distribution of funds in its entirety.

This process automation allows us to provide service at unprecedented low rates. You can even fully integrate your service through our API for less hassle!
Thus the system is protected from hacking. The only possible point of vulnerability is at the moment of entering data into the API, where incorrect data can be transferred to the API or the data can be replaced. This possibility can be avoided entirely through the integration of your system into our API.
The system is built on the basis of Integrated Distributed Registers.
Therefore, the general distribution of funds is going through a decentralized network.
If an attacker compromises 1 network node, he will not be able to achieve anything, as the distribution registry is stored on each network node.
By using our own platform for micropayments, we can guarantee the lowest rates.
To developers
We invite the developers of various services who are interested in the distribution of micropayments, as well as conducting KYC, to join us.
We ask developers to cooperate with us through the API.
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